The Beginner Level – Online

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The Beginner Level – Online

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This beginner level of the program is where you start to make your body and mind work together at their best for maximum performance.

You’ll begin with basic physical exercises, including push-ups, targeting stability, flexibility, breath control, and body awareness.

Next, you’ll move on to the breathwork that involves different stages of (pranayama) breathing techniques to improve respiratory function, stimulate abdominal organs, and activate energy centers.

Once you are done with this part, you enter the stage of an activated & composed mind through guided meditation, where you will be instructed to guide your mind in the right direction for improved focus.

Lastly, you follow the sleep hygiene checklist and practice sleep meditation before you go to sleep.

Once you are ready, I would recommend going through the instructional videos and the checklist before starting, so that you can be familiar with the material and maximize your time and effort.

Expect an enriching journey over the initial 3 weeks, starting to transform your holistic well-being.

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