The Intermediate Level – Hybrid

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The Intermediate Level – Hybrid

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At this intermediate level, we crank up the intensity of your breathing and physical exercises, getting you closer to feeling great in your whole self – body, mind, and emotions.

You’ll learn more advanced techniques that help your body and brain work together better.

Again, once you complete the physical movements, quickly move on to the breath work, and then once you are done with the breath work, finish off the workout with the guided meditation.

Finally, follow the sleep hygiene checklist and practice sleep meditation before you go to sleep.

When you’re all set, take a look at the instructional videos and checklist before you begin. This way, you’ll know what to expect and can use your time and effort wisely.

As you keep moving forward to another powerful 3 weeks, you’ll notice your body and mind working more closely, getting you closer to finding your perfect balance and performance.

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